Staying ahead of the Blue Team is hard, and Red Teaming can be lonely.

At aRcTicCON, we bring together cyber red team operators from across industry and government in order to create a trusted community where attendees can share TTPs, improve methods, and swap war stories.  Attendees should leave this con with not just improved kit, but also improved contacts within the community.  We believe two heads are better than one.

Join the community.  Contribute in a way that makes us all better.

If you are a cyber red team operator, or manage those who do this kind of work, then you should attend.

The next ArcticCon will be held virtually on 28 October 2021  – mark your calendars!  The Call for Papers and Call for Trainers is out – see the links above.

As in 2019, a talk or training submission by someone on your team is required to get an invite.  The submission does not have to be accepted in order to receive an invite.  The invite will cover your entire team, so get ’em in early and often.

We look forward to meeting you.